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5 Points You Need to Know About World Stroke Day

5 Points You Need to Know About World Stroke Day

1.) What’s. World Stroke Day?

It’s World Stroke Day 2022
It is marked on the 29th October every year to create STROKE awareness.
And the theme for this year is

2.) What does the theme mean?


The theme “ SAVE PRECIOUS TIME” speaks to saving a life by recognizing that someone has had a stroke and acting quickly by taking that person to the hospital immediately.

3.) What are the signs?

This can be simply captured by using the acronym “FAST”

F- FACE, when one side of the face pulls to one side

A- ARM- When you notice that one arm and or one leg has become weak.

S- SPEACH: when you notice that the person is unable to speak or cannot speak as he or she normally would.

T- TIME: this speaks to taking action quickly by taking the person to the hospital.

4.) Can strokes be prevented and if so, how?

Yes, up to 80% of strokes can be prevented.
And for someone who already has had a stroke, a repeat should be prevented.

This can be done by addressing the stroke risk Factors like:

Ensuring good blood pressure control, good blood sugar control. Normal cholesterol levels and making some important lifestyle changes.
These include:

a.) Diet & Nutrition:;
whole food , plant based- aim for 3 servings of vegetables & 2 servings of fruits at least. Avoid processed food, salt, sugar, flour…

b.) Exercise:
Do at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise (e.g. brisk walking) 5 times a week.

c.) Sleep:
You should have 7-8 hours of refreshing night time sleep.

e.) Managing stress::
Take time to plan your day and relax

f.) Staying Connected

d) Avoidance of Toxic Substances- tobacco in any form as well as alcohol and illicit drugs should be avoided.

5.) Final word?

thank you!

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