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Founder/ Executive director

Dr. Maimuna Bashir Tukur

Director/Founder of Adija Memorial Foundation is a Medical Officer, a physician in the department of International Medicine. She has been assiating the vulnurable for over 5 years as a humanitarian expert.

Mrs. Tukur holds a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) from the University of Maiduguri, Borno State.

She’s passionate, caring and compassionate. She goes extra mile to help alleviate the suffering of those in the midst of crisis, her work and initiatives have a ripple effect that has impacted the lives of many families and vulnerable populations.

Through her foundation, she has helped enhance the quality of lives of individuals by supporting and developing different initiatives targeted to improve access to affordable health care, educational opportunities, and gender equality.

Her programs are aligned with Sustainable Development Goals, SDG which hopefully, we will be able to get attention, support and partnerships from international bodies.

project director/technical advisory

Sakina Damare

Mrs Sakinat Damare Abubakar a relisient woman with vast knowledge in teaching, subsurface energy systems and sustainable development. She’s also a certified baker with experience both within and outside Nigeria. Sakinat is a multi-talented mother of four who’s filled with the desire to make a positive change, create value and help people become the best version of themselves. She’s impacted several lives through free and paid webinars, physical trainings, outreaches and mentorships.

She’s the founder of Adamawa State Micro Small and Medium Emterprises Hub, a business hub with the mission to create business awareness and structure, caoacity building center for MSMEs and business owners.

She’s the Co-founder of Adija Memorial Foundation, an organisation that is committed to enhancing the lives of Nigerians by supporting initiatives that improve access to health and educational opportunities. It’s vision is to help build a Nigeria where citizens can have access to quality education, good healthcare systems, clean energy, no hunger as well as equal opportunities.

Board Member

Aliyu S. Ahmed

Aliyu S. Ahmed is a Board of Member to Adija Memorial Foundation. He is sound and rooted in Networking and Information Systems,NIS. He his an advocate of tech-driven mindset which he believes can play fundamental roles in providing solutions to all problems.
He’s passionate about inspiring young people via his tech skills to support and harness their potention for wider opputunities.

His believe to uplift people out of regress has extol him to leverage his intense to add value to Adija Memorial Foundation as platform to exhibited his course.

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